D9Sports.Com is a mainly volunteer web site that is run with the purpose of giving District 9 athletes, schools and fans the best possible presence on the web possible. But as a volunteer site we do not have the time nor the resources to cover every sport in a manner that we wish we could. Because of this, we are asking for volunteers to help us cover the sports of volleyball, cross country, soccer and tennis in the fall, swimming in the winter and baseball, softball and track and field in the spring. If anyone would like to help in the coverage of the above mentioned sports or would also be interested in covering some football games in the fall, please contact D9Sports.com co-editor and webmaster Chris Rossetti at d9sports@usachoice.net. Without your help, the above mentioned sports will not be covered in the regular-season. If there are not covered in the regular-season, we will pick up some postseason coverage in those sports.